BISTRO 80-85

BISTRO 80-85

The cuisine of BISTRO 80-85 is inspired by the tradition of Trentino and influenced by international elements, for a pleasant refined culinary experience in which the love of tradition, imagination and quest for quality stand out. It is the flagship of our Hotel Carlone in Valli Giudicarie, an excellent restaurant in Trentino that will surprise you! Come and see us at midday for a quick convenient lunch or in the evening for a relaxing dinner in company. You can’t imagine how many delicious dishes we have for you!

Tradition and innovation in the Gourmet Bistro 80-85 restaurant

Hotel Carlone has two restaurants, each with different characteristics:

  • the classic restaurant and customary meeting place of our guests and regular customers,
  • and the Bistro 80-85, with an unmatched menu in Trentino.

Over the years the chef Oreste and the entire kitchen staff have learned the varied tradition of Trentino and the innovations in international and Mediterranean cuisine. This combination makes it possible to prepare dishes according to the traditional recipe handed down through the family or to invent the taste with combinations of flavours that will surprise all palates. When professional skill combines with the most authentic flavours of our land then success is guaranteed. Culinary art and quality wines are something not to miss in our restaurant at Breguzzo Bistro 80-85, the gem of the Valli Giudicarie in Trentino for its cuisine. Whatever your need or idea might be our staff will know how to transform and adapt the spaces and menu to satisfy your requests in the best way.

For bookings:

Call us at 0465 901014 or send us an mail.

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HOTEL CARLONE • Via Roma, 40 • 38081 - Breguzzo (Tn) - Italy
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